Best place to by hi-end gear?


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Mail order places can give very good prices on low and mid range stuff, but what is the best way to buy higher end gear?

I am thinking about things like Tag av32r, new arcam av8, KEF reference series, M&K speakers.

Are there good prices to be found on this stuff or do you have to pay full wack wherever you go?


Nic Rhodes

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M and K. Officially no chance but go in offering cash;) If they don't budge, don't buy, over priced anyway.

KEF Ref. You should be able to get almost 10% for a deal, dealers are always willing to haggle.

Tag. I got 15% but 10 might be nearer the mark. Just have to push a little.:D

Arcam might be trickier but should be down to the dealer. Don't have ahuge amount of experrience here.

This should be all from 'premium' dealers. I would not go anywhere else for this stuff. Avoid the internet.


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I wasnt keen on using the internet really for this kind of stuff. But if i could have got the same discounts you can get on cheaper stuff it would be harder to resist.

I think its about time my dealer gave me some big discounts anyway, having spent over 10k there.


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