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Hello all,

I have the ability to play SACD's now but finding a decent and reliably fast online retailer of these cd's is like gold dust. I did buy an SACD off (I think) about 3 months ago and apparently it still hasn't come into stock. So, needless to say I shan't be using them again.

Why don't the high street shops make more of SACD? The last time I asked about the in Virgin they thought I'd gone loopy, never heard of the format!

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,

James :)


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SACD is still a very small, slowly-growing format. It has not really taken off yet.

Best places to buy are - the Music section has a designated SACD section, and they are very reliable!

CDUniverse also seem to have a good selection and very cheap (!), but I have not used them and they are based in America so could take a week+ to arrive.


Have to second, I've used them many a time for SACD and they always (excuse the pun) deliver:cool:


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All of the above are useful sources,especially MVC for a high street outlet,and you may want to try for a full listing of what's available on DVD-A and SACD,although their prices are not always the best.


Prices may not be the cheapest around but have the best part of 400-450 titles listed.

You need to spend over £25.00 over you will get charged p&p though.

I've bought a few titles from them and their service is great.
Play are also very good, but they do not have as much choice.


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Prices not exactly jaw-dropping however service is OK and they do have a very sensible text file showing all the SACD and DVD-A available (just a pity it isn't sortable on-line)

tony kop77

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Dvd box office seem the best to me as they have big selcetion including Oasis and other top bands.


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Frankly, i'm suprised that it's lasted this long!

DVD-A will kill it off eventually though.


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Another vote for - cheap as chips for sacd & dvd-a
Use their cheapest "surface mail" option (about a quid!) as they are based in Miami so there aint much surface for the post to travel (!) Got my last package in 7days ... HTH ... Paul ;)


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Games Guru - i don't think your correct there mate. SACD will be the format that lasts longer, no doubt this has been debated elsewhere at some point. DVD-A in my personal experience is clumsy to operate (to much like a dvd-v and not enough like a CD) and the surround mix on the disc i have (REM) is not much cop, but fine in stereo

But as for buying SACD, i have used dvdboxoffice serveral times for DVD's and once for SACD and have had no problems, even though their delivery seems to take a few days longer than other canadian sites, so you might want to give them anoter try as they have a good selection. But as stated above Play are certainly a good place to pick them up.

You can also now buy them in 'large'(whatever that means) HMV high street stores.


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I'm quite dissappointed with SACD so far. I really thought it would pick up pace after DSOTM, but there has been hardly anything since! Just take a look in the SACD 'coming soon' section. Nothing.

I have a couple of really good ones (DSOTM as mentioned, Beck - Sea Change and Deep Purple - Machine Head) all of which are brilliant, but other than that there are no other SACDs that interest me.

I would have thought SACD would be better than DVD-Audio for the sheer 'Hybrid' fact, not necessarily the sound quality which, from what I have heard, is mostly better in DVD-Audio. But the SACD makers need to bring some more bands and albums onto the bandwagon for it to really take off. It is a format with so much potential.

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