Best Place To Buy Replacement Mobile Phone Batteries?


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Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice.

I've bought a second hand Galaxy S that is 3 months old (for £160, bargain!) and I'm sure that the chap who I bought it off didn't 'condition' the battery correctly. Of course I could be wrong as I know battery usage is bad in all high end smartphones bar the iphone 4 but if I can get a replacement battery for releatively cheap then I would get one to appease my questioning mid lol.

Any pointers on a good place to look? are 3rd party batteries ok to use? Should I try and get a battery above the standard 1500mah in the device?



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Go for standard unless you can find some very good reviews and long-term tests for third party versions. Better safe than sorry, so I'd rather go for a standard battery and keep yours as a spare than a potentially risky third party version.

As for where..., Expansys, Mobile Fun, Amazon, Samsung direct... there are a lot of options out there. Google is your friend.


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Bear in mind that if you are thinking of the sort of battery conditioning that you used to do dns NiCad and NimH batteries; you will significantly decrease the life of a modern lithium based battery.
Always follow the instructions supplied, in particular do not charge for an extended period. With a modern battery the best advice is to charge little and often.

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