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Nov 13, 2005
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Well i'm moving house shortly and starting uni in September, so my existing rig and 26" screen is looking to take a hike due to portability and space. I'm not an avid PC gamer [having a Xbox 360 and Wii] and I mainly play MMO's/RPG's/RTS's. While I do like to game on my system, obviously a laptop is needed for when I go to university. I'm not looking to spend obscene amounts but i'm going to try and get together 700-800 quid to spend [student loan, wheyy] on a new laptop.

I havnt bought a laptop in years and while I know decent sites for PC components i'm not sure whats the best site and also the best laptop model for me to invest in. Any advice ?
The Dell website would be as good a place as any to start looking, decent kit for a reasonable price. This one for £650 delivered, or £740 delivered with a much better (and recommended) graphics card would be ideal if portability isn't the main criteria, as it will be reasonably heavy with the 17" screen.
That depends on many things
a) Budget
b) How portable? Do you need it in lectures or in the library. I read Law and we aren't allowed laptops and there are enough PCs in the library so I don't care to carry my laptop around loads
12" are supreme for portability but not all that great for photo/video editing or DVDs. And forget gaming on 12" unless you pay £1K for a Dell M1210 with a X1400. 14.1"/15.4" is the sweet spot
c) Gaming? Will you be playing old or new games? What about the future
d) Mac or Windows? What apps will you use? Any games that won't run on Mac?

I really like using Filter by laptops, sort by price and then configure the spec on the left hand pane

And I would wait until August to buy. That is when you get back to uni/school deals. That's what I did this time last year :smashin: £800 HP business laptop, best GPU in a 15.4" and a 3 year collect and return warranty. If you're interested,

Based on your needs, I wouldn't spend more than £700 max. You can still get a medium GPU to cater for light PC gaming and get more than decent spec

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