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I know this is probably in the wrong section, but I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to buy a good working order VHS recorder. I know there are lots on ebay of course but it's abit of a gamble when you don't know what you're buying is reliable, and have bought a video recorder off ebay in the past which worked for about a week before it stopped working for no reason, even when the seller said it had bee refurbished (which it looked like it had, and I was very impressed), so I'm abit cautious this time, because it'll end up working initially then pack in after playing about 10 tapes, and then the seller will have the cheek to say I broke it. I don't want to spend alot of money, and I'm looking at plenty below £100, but for some reason quite alot of them have no remote control. It's likely the seller has bought the machine second hand and it didn't have the remote. No really a problem except that alot of the later machines hardly had any buttons on the machine, and if you need to just the tracking and the tracking button is only on the remote then you're stuffed.


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I would look at local facebook groups and guntree and buy in person and better still take a tape and try it out if possible.


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You might even be able to pick one up for free.
I kinda doubt that, noone gives anything away for free, certainly not a video recorder. Saying that years ago a chap I knew gave me an old Video8 camcorder that he had got from a freecycle site that they didn't want, along with a couple of Video8 tapes that the original owner had still left some of their family videos on. But that was years ago and things like VHS recorders seem to be quite in demand now especially when everyone has more time on their hands to look at home videos etc.

I had a quick look on Gumtree for anything in my local area and abit further afield and there was not one VHS recorder that came up, which I thought was abit strange. There wasn't even anything far away.

I wish I could get the tape that's stuck in the Sony VHS recorder I have that stopped working. Once I've done that I might put both machines on a site to sell (one probably needs a new capacitor I'm told, and the other just needs the tape mechanism sorting - probably a new belt as it still powers up just that the tape gets tangled upon entering the machine), both identical machines. It's strange that the non working one stopping working as I borrowed that from my girlfriend and when she lived with her ex she hardly used the thing. I've had VHS recorders in the past that have been used to death an yet they've never suddenly stopped working for no reason; one moment I was re-winding a tape, went out of the room and came back and the thing was dead as a Dodo.
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I kinda doubt that, noone gives anything away for free, certainly not a video recorder.
That really isn't true. Probably not so much at the moment during the pandemic but certainly pre-lockdown people were giving them away.

At the moment I have 2 within 10 miles for £5 and £10, both listed as good working order.


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If you are looking for a model number, then look to the last generation Panasonic models as they have HDMI outputs. DMR-EX95 to 99 was the flagship models with build in HDD, DVD, SD, Freeview Tuner plus VHS


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An HDMI o/p might be handy for connecting modern TV's - but VHS is analogue so a SCART connecter is quite good-enough.
Having the HDMI might suggest a more-recent design. When testing . . . don't use a known-valuable tape . . . .
As "no-one" uses VHS anymore, I suspect you might get one given away for free (= going to a good home ) - possibly with a bag of commercial tapes thrown-in.
+Always take any cables on offer, as SCART leads are soon to be "difficult" to obtain. My estimate for the value today for a standard LP/SP VHS recorder is 15-25 pounds, travel cost will be nearly as much. Charity shops (Prior to pandemic) were not accepting VHS as they were too difficult to shift.(taking up shelf=space much more than DVD's)

Don't forget to check the REMOTE - it would be wise to take two AAA batteries with you, so you know it activates the recorder. If the old batteries have been left-in they may leak and cause permanent damage. If it's surface contamination a stiff metal-brush may do - or, scratch it off with a nail-file, etc.), & give the battery-contacts a smear of Vasaline for good luck....

Hope that helps
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