Best place to buy a Sony miniDV?


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I've been looking for sites to buy a Sony miniDV (or shops?) but finding it difficult. Bought one last night, after a few hours searching, from Amazon DCR-HC30, £320.00, thought it was new but turns out it was secondhand, but got email today saying seller could not complete sale?? (refunded me, but i'll be watching), any ideas where to go, also what one would you recommend , i dont think i need a great one as i've already got a top spec bullet cam to go on my motorbike, thinking of spend about £300.00 if needed. But i need one with DV IN and LANC, any ideas? thanks

by the way these are the mini's ( as far as i know) that i'm looking for. they might be old but they have DV IN and LANC--

The following camcorders require the 1.6 version of our LANC remote:
Sony DCR-HC30
Sony DCR-HC32
Sony DCR-HC40
Sony DCR-HC42
Sony DCR-HC65
Sony DCR-HC85
Sony DCR-HC1000
Sony DCR-IP210
Sony DCR-IP220
Sony DCR-IP45
Sony DCR-IP55
Sony DCR-PC109
Sony DCR-PC110
Sony DCR-PC115
Sony DCR-PC330
Sony DCR-PC350

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