Best place to buy a 37PF9830 LCD



Hi, I dont usually reply in forums but feel compelled to tell you to avoid internet direct at all costs. I used them in the past for camera purchases so went to purchase a SOny HX710 from them with confidence. Big mistake! Turns out that they have been taken over by a company called Nomatica who have some business procedures that I do not agree with. One of these is debitting my credit card the second the order is placed despite not having stock. The other is not having any form of contact phone number, everything is email and takes them forever. Finally, and this scared the life out of me, I received an email from someone claiming to have got my details from an email from Internet Direct and wanted to know what I thought of them. I have cancelled my order and my credit card to avoid fraudulent transactions and am still waiting for the refund to appear on my account. Strange how it takes 10 days to refund but seconds to debit!

In summary, dont fall into the trap I did and either think they are as good as the UK owned company were or going for them because they are the cheepest. I would strongly advise against ordering anything not currently in stock. And finally, this isnt just the views of myself, look on the kelkoo site at internet direct and see how many other people have had the same grief.

Let me know how your LCD TV purchase goes. I really dont know what to purchase but cant really stretch to a Philips. I was considering either the 37 inch Samsung (which looks lovely) or the Panasonic 32 inch...I wish Panasonic produced a 37 inch LCD!

Best of luck with your purchase

Geoff Mansfield

Ordered Sony RDR-HX910 from Nomatica on 15/07/2005. Their web page said "Stock due 7-10 days". THREE months later they still did not have this product, so I cancelled the order. TWO more months have now passed and I still haven't got my refund.
My e-mails are ignored, and as of today the credit card company that paid Nomatica have also failed to get any money out of them.
Who else can I turn to?
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