Best place for Pre-modded Xbox?


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Guys - can anyone recommend a decent online retailer for a modded Xbox? maybe even a crystal. Ideally i would also like a 120Gb HDD.

Any advice or recommendations would be really appreciated.


Premodded had 2 from them no problems at all.

Still trying to find a good sony tv mate ;)


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Still trying to find a good sony tv mate

:laugh: no mate - stuck with the ropey old FS76!!

Moving house soon though and the wife seems happy to get a plasma - that can only mean the beginning of a new nightmare for her!

Incidently - which is the best mod chip to get?


Originally posted by berserkgoose
I've had 6 off premodded with no problems.
6 Bloody hell :D

Astonbilla he has some new chips in that he didn't have when i got mine, send him an email he'll tell you the best one for your needs.


Ps i got rid of the tosh in the end and got a projector :thumbsup:


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Ps i got rid of the tosh in the end and got a projector

Sweet which one did you get?

I bet Halo etc has never looked so sweet!!

I take it everyone has a larger HDD fitted when they get their box chipped? How easy is it to rip games onto it?


I got a Z1 hopefully a Z2 later this afternoon :)

Most get a HD fitted i have a 120 in mine with 40 of my OWN games on it. ripping the games is dead easy put the disc in go to HD loader press install it will tell you what game and how big it is, press A to install easy as that.


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I like the sound of this. How easy is the hard drive swap? Does it need a special Format? I am an aerospace engineer so would be installing the mods my self.

Cheers, Mylo


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They're also quite handy if you like your retro.

On a different note ;), had a top laugh on 4-player SNES Bomberman 4 last weekend

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