Best picture quality 42" tv?


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Hi guys. I am looking to buy a new TV. I want great contrast so I am looking for plasmas really.

I was looking at pioneer kuro but the best one only comes in 50" and that won't really work in my bedroom :(

Are there any 1080p 42" plasmas that come close?

Thanks, Jack


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You won't be able to buy a "new" Plasma as they're no longer manufactured.
The Kuro's you're referring to are years old.


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Yeah I know I can't get a new one. And I have seen Kuro's from like 2013/4 I am sure the last model they did was getting reviewed around that time from what I can see.


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You need to look at ST and GT preferably 60 series from Panasonic.

I wouldn't go any lower than a 50 series, the 30 series and below weren't great.

A 42" GT60 is not miles behind a Kuro let me assure you of that. Also to this day I don't believe there is a better 42" tv in existence than the GT60.

High end tvs no longer even come in 42" sizes. Panasonic even stopped producing the Vt in that size. The last 42" VT was in the 30 series (TX-P42VT30)

Also on another note there's no way you saw a Kuro plasma released in 2013. The 9 and 9.5 gen Kuros were 2008/9

The last Panasonics (60 series) were 2012/13


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They're quite old now, but 4280XDs often sell for less than £100.


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What's your viewing distance? I know it's only 720p but how about this;

Samsung PE43H4500 Series 4 43" Plasma TV HD Ready 720p With Freeview Black

I have owned both this and a 42" ST60 and can honestly say that, at an appropriate distance, the Samsung isn't too far off in terms of picture quality. And in a dimly lit room it would still spank most 1080p LCD's available today. It doesn't have an anti-glare screen though. But it is brand new so you get that nice cosy unboxing feeling! :smashin: (Plus the price isn't too bad either.)

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A Panasonic PH OR PF10 for longevity and very good pictures.Then get it professionally calibrated

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