Best picture for projector..Tosh SD100E with S video or Philips 957 via component


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Someone is selling a Philips 957 DVD player that has component out. Now i have my Toshiba SD100E connected to my PTAE100 projector via s video.

The philips has component out so i can use this to connect to my projector, the only thing is on the review of the Philips it mentions the SD100E as having slighlty better picture quality.

Now would the philips dvd player connected with component to my projector be better then my Tosh SD100E connected via s video.



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I think there are a couple of posts from Kramer and myself in this forum that both conclude component is quite a bit better. In my case this was my sony player with s-vid and component.

I would say that the Philips via component will almost certianly look better than any player via s-vid (assuming that they are both pretty competent players) even if the tosh has "better quality".

However if I were you I would consider whether you could wait for a prog scan player (or even build a PC) as these will make a far more marked improvement.

Just my opinion of course

James P

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Hi Brad

Without wanting to be cheeky, you may remember that a while back I pipped you to a preconfigured HTPC. Owing to changes in circumstance (the wife has given up her job to do a post grad course, and so expensive luxuries are no longer an option!) I am looking at offloading the HTPC (and the Panny, more than likely).

Since I bought it, I've only run it for about 10 hours (but Lord of the Rings alone was worth it!). The picture is spot on, and for a computer-illiterate oaf like me, it's a doddle to use.

I've reproduced the specs below, to remind you:

AMD Duron 800
256 MB RAM
Airboard wireless keyboard
Region free DVD drive (Philips)
M-Audio 2496 soundcard
Radeon 7500 Graphics card
Pinnacle Rave PCTV card
Desktop case btw

Software installed
Theatertek DVD Player
Power DVD XP 4.0
Various DD/DTS trailers (VOBs)
Winamp/Jukebox - with plugin so you can play CDs through the M-Audio digital out
Powerstrip (already configured for the AE100 856x480 resolution)

I paid £400 inc for it - you can have it for £360 inc if you're interested. Given a choice I'd keep it, but 10 hours every four months isn't really enought to justify it. For that price I'll throw in the 10m gold plated Lindy VGA cable I bought to go with it (about £40 worth).

Apologies for highjacking your thread - if you aren't interested, no worries, but I thought I'd give you the option, seeing as how you were interested before.

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