Best over-ear headphones for under £250 to be run on 100ohm 150mv output receiver?


My receiver does have a REC OUT for a headphone amp but I don't have the money to drop on a pair of HD600s and an AMP at the moment. So I was wondering what the best option might be for headphones that are going to get run on my receiver's headphone jack (and maybe occasionally my phone), for less than £250? Are wireless a better option for this as they have their own amplification?

I will be using them for games and music and the receiver is a Yamaha HTR-5640 receiver.

Preferably they will have a fairly big recess in the cups - My ears stick out a little and find some headphones uncomfortable. I'm coming from wearing some cheap Panasonic's.

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Most headphones with a loading of 32ohms should work well with phones. I've used AKG K550 MkII with a low powered output, 27mW, and they have sounded very good. The ear pads are very big and they are my wife's favourite headphone as she doesn't have to take her earrings out. The new MkIII are around £190. Used MkIIs start at around £50.

I've also used Shure 1540s with the same 27mW output and again they have had no problem. Extremely comfortable but the ear cups are not as big as the AKGs and unfortunately outside your budget. Most headphones within your budget seem to be wireless.



Ok thanks! That looks like it might well be an option. I've had a look through the manual for my receiver and it states that its "phones" output is:

150mV / 100ohms

"damping factor" is:

20hz to 20hz, 8ohms 100 or more.

Is that any good/relevant? What sort of range am I looking for in headphone impedance and sensitivity? To be honest i'm less interested in listening on my mobile than on my receiver so i'd rather aim for to meet its requirements than the phone's.

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You should have no problems from the receiver with low ohm, high sensitivity 'phones. I've had a look at your receiver and it has a tape loop which means it would be easy for you to hook up a standalone headphone amp and headphone amps are far better than the headphone section of most receivers or stereo amps. Something to bear in mind for the future perhaps.


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My recommendation is the sound magic hp 151, nice sound quality, spacious sound, nice bass and crystal clear highs.

They are easy to drive or power.


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