best output:-pc > prog scan rear pro tv



Im a little new to pc output to tv.

I have a toshiba 57" rear pro on order that accepts pal&ntsc progressive signals through component inputs.

now to get that signal there from my pc,for watching dvd's and divx etc ..
( xp2100,512mb )
I have a geforce xt5600 with dvi output / vga / and s-video .
I also have a hollywood+ dvd encoder card with svideo out ,
and installed the usual plethora of windvd,powerdvd,direct dvd etc.

what is the best way of connecting the pc to the tele so prog scan is in place (assuming prog scan output will give me the best quality picture ? ).Will there be any benifit in buying a hollywood xcard,or any other recomendations ?

Just now i have the geforce svideo connected to my old 33" ferguson and windows looks pretty crap,but when a film is played it 'clicks' on to another resolution etc and plays film fullscreen ( just on tele ) and its just like watching a movie on sky,good picture.

will a dvi > component cable be better than this present set-up when new tele arrives ? ( with and without prog scan )

please help me !!

I've just done a search on the Toshiba site and I'm guessing your set is a 57WH36?

As it does component video, the American HDTV discussions on might be worth checking out as they're 'talking component' all the while. With no high definition service (really) available in the UK I wonder what display modes these component inputted TVs can actually handle?
As it's being sold as a standard definition set, presumably it only can do a subset of the modes that an HDTV set would handle?

The ATi cards seem to have a component dongle available, but double check for display mode restrictions in its operation.

Does anyone else have any experience with component input kit in the UK.


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