Best option for Router(great QoS tools)?

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by Wuptdo, Feb 6, 2009.

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    heya was wondering if anyone could help me please? :)

    I was wondering if anyone could point me towards the best router for my requirements please;

    • Be able to sustain internet connection to isp very well, with no disconnects (lines currently on SNR12 profile, so nothing too aggresive).
    • Not power hungry
    • Fairly cheap
    • Have great quality of service options, as the trouble at the moment with my current router (DG834G) is that i'm unable to set bandwidth allocation priority for devices. As lets say one person in the house is gaming, there connection suddenly drops because someone else starts downloading, and hogs all the bandwidth. If i were to get a good quality of service router would it be possible to set each device to have the same priority? This allowing me to complete the following situation.
    My connection's full bandwidth is probably round about 400Kbytes/s.

    Could i set the router so that it can supply my ps3 with 'just' enough bandwidth, i've heard the max ps3 uses when hosting is 150 Kbytes/s (up/Down). So then i can use the remaining 250 to distibutes between possibly another ps3, but that wouldn't be hosting just playing so around 60KBytes/s. SO that would leave about 190 for PCs, to download/browse. And finally when one of the devices is not using any bandwidth or is turned off could the router send that bandwidth to be used with another device automatically?

    Optional, but would be nice:
    • Gigabit Lan
    • And if it doesn't increase price 'too' much wireless N capabilities possibly?
    Option 1; A very good router you guys can suggest

    Option 2; i've been reading i can get an old pc and put bits of software on it, this would have the advantage of easily adding hard drive storage to make it a fully functioning NAS. But would it be awfully power hungry?

    Option 3; Like a custom made router with a mini - ITX board or something?

    Option 4: You tell me :D?

    Cheers if anyone can help! :thumbsup:

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