Question Best option for 4k upgrade around £300?

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I'm looking to upgrade my Onkyo TX-SR507 AV Receiver since adding a 4k TV and PS4 Pro to my setup. It's done me well, but only handles 1080p which is limiting me on sound formats from the PS4 pro (I have to use HDMI to TV and optical for audio). Key features of a new model would be banana plug terminals, 4k & HDR passthrough, ARC, and a minimum of 5 HDMI inputs, all for around the £300 mark. New audio formats such as DTS-X would be a bonus, but i'm not sure how much benefit i'd gain from these. The same goes for Atmos as I only really have room for a 5.1 arrangement.

I've been eyeing up the Denon AVR-X2300W since it's recent price drop it ticks all my boxes, but I wanted to get some opinions first. Are there any other models I should be considering? It's also ever so slightly taller than the old Onkyo, what sort of clearance does it need?

As a side question, with the deals happening on 2016 models have we seen all of the 2017 models released or are there more product launches around the corner?



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The Denon AVRX2300 appears to fit the bill. You can currently pick one up for about £300 to £350.

This is one of last tear's models and has already been superceeded by the AVRX2400. Most manufacturers have already announced or are shipping or are about to ship their new models.

If height is an issue then maybe also look at the Yamaha RXV681. Note that only 3 of the Yamaha's HDMI inputs are HDCP 2.2 enabled though. The Yamaha RXV581 may be even better given its cheaper price and the fact that 4 of its inputs are HDCP 2.2 enabled? It is even smaller than either the RXV681 or the AVRX2300

Dimensions of TXSR507 (W x D x H) 435 x 329 x 151mm
Dimensions of RXV681 (W x D x H) 435 x 378 x 171mm
Dimensions of RXV581 (W x D x H) 435 x 327 x 161mm
Dimensions of AVRX2300 (W x D x H) 434 x 339 x 167mm

It is suggested you leave about 2.5" above a receiver to allow for ventilation. This is of cause if located within an open cabinet.
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