Best option for 26" LCD? Is Samsung LE26R41B right for me?




I'm seriosly considering an LCD TV, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend one? I'm considering the Samsung 26" LE26R41B, it's within my price range (£600ish) and seems to have good connectivity, but I noticed a post saying that Samsung panels don't handle 50Hz signals well (although I may have misinterpeted it.)

This is how I imagine my setup:

  • Sky box, DVD and Gamecube through a scart switchbox (RGB)
  • Xbox through component, or failing that s-video
  • Windows computer through VGA (for PC games)
  • Mac through HDMI (for DivX movies and general tasks, eg. Internet.)

The first question is, will the Samsung work well as a computer monitor? I know I'll be losing some vertical resolution compared with my current monitor, but that doesn't really bother me, as long as the image quality will be fine for Internet use and very occasional word processing.

Am I right in saying that for the purposes described HDMI (with the right adapter) is the same as DVI? I'm a little worried by the Samsung's manual (which I downloaded from their website) - on Page 63 it says "DVI does not support PC function", does this mean I can't plug a computer into this port? (If not it's not a major problem, it just means I'll need a VGA switch box :) )

Will this TV be OK for DVDs and Sky TV? THe DVD player I have is an old LG 3200e (not the best, but it works well enough for me.) Will the scaled-up picture be good-enough quality for 50Hz PAL and 60Hz NTSC (or PAL60) DVDs?

If the LE26R41B isn't going to suit my needs as described above, can anyone recommend a good alternative? The important things are:

  • RGB Scart
  • Good picture quality from a normal DVD player
  • HDMI or DVI with HDCP (I don't think I'll need HDCP, but I don't fancy spending £600 and having to replace it with an HDCP-compliant set!)
  • Decent as a computer monitor
  • At least 26" screen
  • £600ish price point

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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