Best Opening Scenes in Movies ?


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Hey all,

Was watching daylight last nite [first time] and was really impressed with one of the opening scenes [tunnel blast] It got me thinking about what the best opening scene in a movie was Ive seen. While Im trying to think of my top 3 I thought Id see what everone else thought?




I'd say Jaws would be hard to beat, although I still love the opening sequence of Reservoir Dogs.


A few that come to mind was the opening scene in Star Wars with that large empire ship that kept materialising and filling the screen It has to be a classic and much copied. Others are the skiing sequence in The Spy Who Loved Me, and the one in Living Daylights.


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'Die Hard With A Vengeance' - Nice New York morning wiped out by the bomb. Cool.

'Saving Private Ryan' - On the beach, of course.

'Cliffhanger' - best part of the whole movie.

'Blade' - The Vamp Nightclub.

'The Fast & The Furious' - Hijacking the truck in those luverly Honda's.

'The Usual Suspects' - What the hell is going on already?

Star Wars of course (the genuine first episode).

'From Dusk Till Dawn' - Hostage situation in the store.

'Pitch Black' - The crash.

I'm sure I'll think of more soon.


The opening sequence of ALIEN. As the camera pans across the barren planet LV426 the letters to ALIEN appear across the top of the sceen. This really sets up the creepy feel to the rest of the film.

"In space no one can hear you scream."

How about IJ and The Temple of Doom which starts with a musical number, nice uniform dancers perfect syncronisation to the music which quickly follows with Idiana Jones, chaos, running dancers and complete mayhem. Brilliant.

"There are two dead people out here!" "There will be two dead people in here!"


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I know i'm going to get bashed for sying this but I think Scream has a great opening sequence. Others I rate are;

The Naked killer
The Crow
Training day


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Swordfish; Travolta's calm "lecture" followed by THAT explosion. Turn the film off at that point, the rest is crap.

Gary D

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my choice would be the opening to The fellowship of the ring, my jaw was on the floor.



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Im surprised no ones mentioned 'The Player'. The opening scene is around two and a half minutes, follows lots of different people around, back and forth, into buildings etc and its all one take. Most impressive.


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Se7en and Fight Club. Different but still good. Also the Bond movies have to get a mention with their trademark openings.:)


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I agree with Jag: "Hard-Boiled" is a stunner. Then again, so are:-

- Goldeneye (Bond jumping off of the dam!)

- The Last of The Mohicans (Michael Mann's 1992 version has an excellent music score combined with two of the main characters chasing a deer through a forest. Superb cinematography!)

- South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (Hilarious opening song from Stan Marsh and the rest of the original gang.)

- La Femme Nikita (Luc Besson's police shootout is great, and the way he introduces Nikita as well, as the cop-killer!)

- Akira (Silence, and then a nuclear bomb is dropped on Tokyo.)

- Ghost In The Shell (Another excellent anime opening scene, when Major Motoko Kusanagi uses her "suit" to freefall off of the top of a building and attack some dodgy government agents.)



Austin Powers when the copper dances (classic) and Pulp Fiction :)


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Originally posted by wilber
Swordfish; Travolta's calm "lecture" followed by THAT explosion. Turn the film off at that point, the rest is crap.

What!!!??! And miss Miss Berry palying golf in that red dress:eek: I don't think so.......:devil:

Philip Newton

Empire magazine ran this last month and did top ten movie openings check , Jaws was in there and also resevoir dogs, they asked readers to write in and it seems the ones you all mention keep cropping up. I think that Raiders of the lost ark and Hapiness were quite good, but Pulp Fiction takes some beating.


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how about the 'Sweltering' start to Sexy Beast? Ray Winstone's voice over followed by the boulder rolling into the swimming pool, class opening.


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Yeah I would have plumped for Pulp Fiction too.

Surprised nobody has said Terminator 2 though. Surely that's an incredible intro even by todays standards? Certainly one of my faves :)

The Matrix as well. Great intro, really sets the rest of the film up nicely.


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Opening scene to Blade Runner is a classic.

I liked Bram Stoker's Dracula too.


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The opening sequence of The Lion King.

Up to where the cub is presented and all the animals gathered pay homage and I am in the cinema crying. ???? I'm thinking and this is just the start of the film?



Enemy At The Gates. Can't remember if it's the first scene but the planes shooting at the boats and then you've got the Russians trying to run against the German machine gunners. Class.


Once Upon a Time in the West - (waiting for the train.)
Way of the Gun - (outside the club.)


Originally posted by mieville
Way of the Gun - (outside the club.)

:D i forgot about that....... it is highly amusing! very uder rated film in all


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