Best NTSC frame rate to film at, HF100 (PAL user)


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I have a NTSC HF100 and it offers


I believe that both the progressive settings are still recorded in a 60i stream on the card, so will require a reverse telecine? to get them out to the proper format,

my TV does not do 24p but that should not affect my decision, which is to make it look the best on decent hardware,

I will be passing the camera round at my wedding for people to video stuff with the hope of a decent 20~30 mins of footage at the end, likly to be dark ish (inside) and wildly panning (junior film makers are much more energetic) so I suspect the 60i might be better there.

Then I will be off on safari so probably slow moving targets but some zooming so thinking 24p might look the best in the end.

I am guessing the decision would be different for each senario but not sure. I am also guessing given the lack of experience I have the frame rate choice will the last thing anyone notices when watching the footage back ;)

what would you do? :)

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