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Hi Everybody,

I'm looking to buy a new stereo amplifier for an existing system and could really do with some advice. I'm not actually sure a decent one exists that fits this brief.

The existing system (described below) is fairly old and belongs to my landlord. One of the channels on the amp has given up the ghost and I'd like to replace it with an amp of my own (landloard now lives in the US and wouldn't be interested in fixing/replacing his amp). I don't want to replace the whole system for now so I am looking for an amp that would suit the existing speakers but one day when I move I'd get my own speakers which would pair nicely with the my new amp.

The existing system is made up of the following amp and two pairs of speakers:

Rega Brio amp (this has no model number so I believe it is the original version)

KEF Q55 speakers - Explore KEF - Q15, Q35, Q55, Q65, Q65SE, Q75, Q95C, Model 65DS - KEF United States

Mordaunt Short MS302 speakers - MORDAUNT SHORT MS 302 PREMIER MS302 SPEAKERS (PAIR)

The two pairs of speakers are connected to the amp via a QED MA17 switch which I believe ensures that the load presented to the amplifier will not drop below 8 ohms (providing you use two pairs of 8 ohm speakers). However the two pairs of speakers are 6 ohms and 4-8 ohms respectively so the landlord's setup maybe flawed anyway (?).

What I'd like to achieve is a way to connect both sets of speakers to one amp and ideally be able to select one, other, or both pairs e.g. A, B, or A+B.

I mainly listen to music digitally so had considered the following amps given my budget is about £200 to £400.
Marantz PM6005
NAD D 3020
Monitor Audio Airstream A100

However having looked at this further I'm not sure any of the above would allow me to play both pairs of speakers at once (e.g. A+B). I actual wrote to Marantz and they've confirmed this to be the case (not sure about the other two though).

So my questions are:
Would any of the above amps provide a solution? If not what amp would people recommend?

Also is my landlord's set up actually flawed? The Rega Brio specs are hard to track down but I think they look like - Rated output power (RMS continuous at 1kHz): 30Wpc into 8 ohms, both channels driven (14.8dBW); 35Wpc into 8 ohms, one channel driven (15.4dBW). Line-level input sensitivity: 150mV. Phono input sensitivity: 4.2mV. Power consumption: 100W at maximum output. From what I've been able to learn the impedances don't seem to add up in the system and the Wpc seem pretty low for the Q55s (but I'm very new to this).

I've read up on this quite a bit now but still feel unsure about what would work. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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