Best new 42in TV for ~1200 GBP (good black response)


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I'm looking to replace my Toshiba 42WLT66 some time in the next 2-3 months. I bought this when the set was launched 5-6 years ago. Although it was one of the first affordable fullHD TVs it also suffered from very poor black response and in darks scenes in films I just need to wait for them to end and guess what's happening!

So I'd like to buy a new 42-47in TV in the next few months. I've heard quite a lot about the full-array LED backlit TVs. Is this the way to go for this price range? Are there any TVs due to be released in Q1 2012 that people are waiting for?

I'm assuming of course that OLED TVs of this size will remain out of the price range of mere mortals for a couple of years yet.


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If picture quality is your primary concern above all then you should get a plasma.
LED TV's are a little bit overpriced and hyped up by manufacturers as they make more money on them (its an LCD display with different backlighting), it has a few electronic enhancements to cover up the poor black rendition too, true they are more power efficient but TV companies usually use plasma displays, particularly for 40" upwards.
Personally speaking, side by side an LED TV looks more artificial and in your face than a plasma.
However if your used to an older LCD type anything will look much better TBH.:)

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