Best Musical fidelity HP amp?


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Hi all,

Wanting to purchase a headphone amplifier and would like to have a Musical Fidelity one, I have owned the X-Cans V2 before and was impressed but that was before I got in to headphones properly.

What would you class as the best Musical Fidelity headphone amp and why?


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I only have experience of MF's DACs but not their amps. However, I've found that when it comes to choosing an amp 'best' is a rather fluid term as it really depends what you plan on plugging into it. An amp might pair beautifully with one headphone but sound poor with another.

A quick look at the specs of MF's amps indicates that some have a fairly high output impedance, default gain, use of quite uncommon (for headphones) balanced connections etc. etc. Some of which would make me question their suitability for a number of headphones I've owned and how good an 'all rounder' they would be for someone with a few pairs of headphones.

Might be an idea to post up some info on the headphones you have or are considering and a rough budget as I think that'd help folk in recommending something suitable for your needs. There are a lot of very good amps out there so imho I would keep an open mind about other brands too.

As a couple of guys have mentioned in reply to one of your other posts sites like head-fi are very good for reading up on gear (take some impressions with a pinch of salt though) and getting an idea of which amps owners find work well with a given headphone.


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Hi I have posted on a few other sites more specialized to headphones, but they seem to be more interested with more exotic gear.

My current headphones are;
Musical Fidelity MF200
Sony MDR-10rc (bargain of the century £25 from argos, sony selling them for £100)
B&W C5 in ears.

Looking at a few pairs of headphones atm;
B&W P7s
Sony MDR-1A
Sony MDR Z7
Grado SR325

My music taste is very varied.

Amps I am considering are;
Musical Fidelity M1HPA
Musical Fidelity X-Cans V2
JDS Labs Objective 2
Project Head Box DS
Sony UDA-1

Budget for the Amp is up to £500

All of my listening is done via PC atm, I have a creative soundblaster ZX soundcard.

The amp I will be buying blind as there is no where near me where I could demo, same with the headphones, but I have tried the P7s before and was impressed.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Interesting, as I said I stream all my music via Y**tube atm, just listened to some FLAC songs with all the processing, EQ etc turned off and the Musical Fidelitys sounded good.

I am still interested in the above mentioned amps and headphones, but one new question would a DAC improve the audio quality if I stream from Ytube or do I need to look at something like spotify or deezer?
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