Best music channel

TMF or The Hits

  • The Hits (18)

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  • TMF (21)

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Ok which is best The Hits or TMF?


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Oh! I thought there'd be the radio stations to.
Kerrang! btw


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Difficult to say yet, The Hits playlist is rather short, and the Huge logo lets it down.
TMF is good but I was hoping for some actual programmes as well as just Music Videos from this. It does cover a more diverse range of music, but only if you tune in at the right times.
However I've watched more of The Hits than TMF so far.

On another note UkHistory is looking good!


If you actually want to sit down and watch it, then TMF wins hands down - if only because The Hits suffers terribly from all those logos, red buttons, and scrolling phone ringtone numbers (or whatever they are) that are there just to distract you away from video that's showing!

If you only want it on background music, then one of the radio stations would probably be better than either of them.



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Another vote for Kerrang.


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Kerrang is a kid's channel, playing pop bands.

As are all music channels. Only MTV2 plays something alternative once in a while, in between all the pop it plays itself.


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VH Classic. Just my era!


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Kerrang is radio only

MTV 2 isn't there!

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