Best Movies of 2019 & Comments


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Only seen 3 on the list:blush: but still feels a very meh year.

Sky watsher

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Missed "If Beale Street Could Talk" & "Hustlers" (not very interested in the latter).
I'm Happy we had Tarantino / Scorcese in one year, and Joker topped himself too.
Real movies are becoming less and less frequent...
"Parasite" is a honorable Asian mention, which got very good reception, give it a chance if you guys have the time.

UMAR 3:16

Thanks cas. Only not seen 1 from that list


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Endgame and Joker for me.


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Thanks Cas. Now I'm home for a while, one mission is to catch up with the Movies I missed and definitely want to see. To date, have seen two of these, one more already rented, and three more on my watch list.


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I’ve watched 7 of those on Cas’ list and wanted to see Doctor Sleep but it was only in local multiplexes for about a fortnight o_O

I see on the JustWatch app that Beale Street is now free on Amazon Prime, so will check that out soon.

Which just leaves Hustlers.


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Nice to see some love for Once Upon a Time... my film of the year.

I've yet to see some on that list, Le Mans and Dr. Sleep being the main ones.


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Aww, EndGame at number one..... I must be one of the very few that disliked that "epic" mess.
Don't hate me, it's just my opinion :) I would actually call it Captain Marvel's endgame.


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Thanks Cas.
Oooh, nice to see Beale Street on the list.
And Once Upon at number 2! I'm not necessarily a fan of QT but this one's totally deserving of the spot.
Haven't yet seen Dr. Sleep and Le Mans, but Ad Astra makes it on my list too... Brad Pitt has had a good year methinks :)


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Joker for me too. Certainly the most memorable perfornance of the year anyway.

I'm another of those in the minority, but I hated Endgame. Slow, bleak, laborious crap. It was like a twelve year old boy trying to make an Ingmar Bergman film.
Once Upon a Time and 2 , not seen most of the rest and stopped watching
'Geriatric Fellas' i mean the Irishman after about 50 mins!

not a vintage year all in all


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Beale Street was gorgeous, dreamy and moving.
It wasn't as jarring as Moonlight, but that was one the best American films of this decade, so a high bar. But still, a lovely and highly notable film.


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Doctor Sleep
The Report
Marriage Story
Can you forgive Me
The Nightingale
The Dead Don't Die
American Factory
The Lighthouse
High Life

That's enough I think... :)

Merry Christmas folks.


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Film of the year.
Performance of the year.
J Phoenix

Nothing else comes close.......


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Thanks Cas, another glad to see If Beale Street could talk making the list, beautiful film.

PS3 Kiwi

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As an action fan, I would have to put Alita: Battle Angel right up there.

Must admit that I have only seen three of the movies on that list, and I agree that they should be in the top 10 for 2019. (Endgame, Parabellum, Irishman).


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Joker was the best film for me and endgame was a close second. Ad astra was the worst film after I'd looked forward to its release for so long.


most of hollywood flixs are garbage ....


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Nice Cas, but I couldn't put Endgame at No.1. Not ahead of Joker.

And where in the bloody hell is Rise of Skywalker!!! :D

Only one I can't agree with in there is If Beale Street Could Talk. No more than average for me; one for the stage more than the screen.

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