best movie/music sound?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by golden phoenix, Nov 3, 2005.

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    Hello All,

    I am not interested in upconverting, downconverting, upscaling and downscaling from my amp, so what i want is simple.

    Best music and movie sound for about £500.

    It must be have great sound in all these departments
    Multichannel (sacd. dvd-a) firewire or digital if poss.
    and great stereo sound.

    tremendous movie sound ( this is what i need most )

    DAB would be a bonus.

    Not concerned about the hype surrounding (built in scalers to receivers) i think people are getting carried away as to the ability of this next generation receiver (in terms of picture enhancments).

    I plan to connect everything to scaler eventually anyway, so picture requirements are not a concern at the moment.

    i will be connecting to it

    Denon 1920 (this will be revised if I find a good receiver with firewire/digital connection)
    Sky +( will be using optical out for sound )
    PS3 (when it arrives ) (HDMI or component)

    I am looking to buy in the next 2/3 weeks so looking for recommendations, i will audition shortlisted receivers and check best connection options myself.

    I would really appreciate any positive feedback on options!

    Thank you in advance :clap:

    ps i have run searches, and read reviews but i want comparisons and personal experience from owners.
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    i dont know of any amps myself with a firewire/digital connection for SACD/DVD-A that cheap, altho most amps will have 6 or 8 channel inputs so you can use analogue from the universal DVD player (in which case the DVD player needs to do the decoding).
    I can recommend the 2805 if you can up your budget a bit, usual price is £700 but should be able to pick it up for closer to £600 if you hunt around or pester the
    but to be honest if your looking at music like SACD or DVD-A then the minimum you want is around the 3805 price range to make it truly worthwhile.......and then you need the speakers to show it off too.....otherwise you might as well buy normal music DVDs......cheaper and far more

    i listen to DVD-A and SACD myself, have a collection of around 20 discs in total now, and damn is it enjoyable, prefer it to CD, yet my setup is what i would consider the bare minimum quality to bother with these resolution discs (3910, 3803, MA S6/SLCR/S2/Strata 5)...ideally i'd rather have speakers along the lines of the KEF reference series being fed by flagship MF amps and getting their DVD-A by the flagship Denon and SACD by the flagship MF player.......thats for when i win the lottery which i dont play, or get left some

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