Best Monitor/TV option? Help please.


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Hi All,

Im looking at moving my gaming PC into my sons bedroom and because of this I am looking for the best option for a monitor/TV for him. The monitor the PC is currently connected to is staying where it is.

The Monitor/TV will be connected to a Series X, PS5 and 1080ti gaming PC.

Everything will be on a gaming desk of some description (havent sourced one yet) and because of this im thinking 28" as a maximum screen size. This is because of how close he will be sitting to the screen.

My issue is around which resolution/hz ??

Its not worth having a 4k unit for the PC, the PC is more suited to 1440p and thats what we currently use and the PC performs well at this resolution.

It would be better having a 4k unit for the Series X and PS5, especially has the PS5 doesnt support 1440p like the Series X does and would be at 1080p on a 1440p monitor.

Im thinking its probably best to get a 4k monitor at 60hz so that he can game at 4k 60fps on the X and PS5 and then at 1440p through the PC. How will 1440p look on a 4k monitor? He currently gets around 90fps on his PC at 1440p so he will lose some fps on the PC going this route.

I was thinking about this unit:

Amazon product
What would you guys do in my postion? Is there anything im missing or not considering?

In terms of which devices get the most use it would be:

50% PC
40% Series X
10% PS5

Thank you for your help.



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If PC & Xbox is used the most I would go for 1440p 120/144Hz.

Some 1440p monitor can do 4K 60hz downscaling so the PS5 can still output at 4K instead of 1080p.

This site has good recommendations for 27" gaming and lists 120hz console support .

Gigabyte M27Q or BenQ EX2780Q are the ones I'd go for, the BenQ in particular has decent built in speakers and an IR remote so switching inputs is easier than other monitors, it also has 4K 60hz downscaling and working 120hz console support along with Freesync and 144Hz for PC.

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