Best MiniDV camera? Progressive scan ?



I currently have a JVC DV9000 camcorder and am looking for a new one.
I use the camera to produce panoramic images with SnapDV and am wondering which MiniDV camcorder gives the best image quality for less than £1000?
I also have to de-interlace the files before I can make my panoramas. Are progressive scan cameras going to be available soon and if so will they solve this problem?


Progressive scan DV camcorder is already available, but not within your budget. The new JVC GR-PD1 is a high resolution progressive camcorder but cost £1,869 according to the review in 'Computer Video'.

Have I just made you double your budget? :devil:



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I dunno much (anything) about cams at present, but am trawlling the pages & net for info. I noticed that my favoured choice of cam at present offers something called progressive recording?? Is this the same as Prog scan. Having learnt about this when buying a DVD I know what this function is. If it is, you can pick up a Sony PC330 for less that £1000

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