Best method of transferring PC signal to an LCD ?


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Sorry, if this is the wrong forum - I was split between this one and the LCD forum (which didn't seem to want to accept my post anyway) !

I'm currently in the market for a 32" LCD - Probably the Panasonic LDX500 or LDX52. The 500 has the VGA input, which makes things nice and simple if I want to use a HTPC or laptop. However, I can't see any reason why I can't use a VGA-Component or even a VGA-HDMI lead and put it into the LDX52 instead ? I would expect to use Powerstip to output a 1366x768. What sort of difference in quality should I expect to see between the different connections ? Would the direct VGA be significantly better ?


I've tried component and VGA from my HTPC. I can't see any difference between the 2. I use VGA though as the component is now used by something else. DVI/HDMI should give you a better picture still though

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DVI would be better if its supported.


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I suppose I was also asking if anyone has experience of DVI-D - HDMI leads and the performance ? I can see from previous threads that it involves a lot of fiddling around, so perhaps the VGA/Component options are more simple ?


I'm in the proess of wrapping up my media PC , I have a Panasonic 42" Plasma and I am expection a DVI input card in the door soon. I already have an RGB card and my new graphics card came with s video out and RGB
so soon I'll be able to check, s video, comp, RGB, DVI and VGA and see which is the best as I can split the screen. I'll let you know when I have it finished if your interested, expecting final bits soon.


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Theoretically Dvi is the best being pure digital, Vga would give similar results to component and are analogue, s-video would be the lowest quality out of the bunch.


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