best method of running in my new V10??


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Its finally arriving on Thursday and not having a plasma before, i dont want to ruin it straight away, so i was wondering what the best method of running it in is? Lower contrast? A certain viewing mode etc etc???


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Anyone?? I get my V10 tomorrow.


Generally you should switch it to cinema, and keep brightness and contrast fairly low, and avoid leaving it on static images for long periods.


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The advice above is all you really need to do, although the IR on these Panny's is very good so even these are mostly just precautionary. I did the above with my G10 and have since only needed to tweak things slightly after it's initial 200 hours.


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I presume i'll be able to find out how many hours its run for then?

Jim Di Griz

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Got a G10 on the 21st of May.

Keep it on normal or cinema and use colour Warm. Or you could use THX on the V10 - this mode is supposed to be near perfect so just use that?

Keep brightness and contrast at 50% or below.

Keep sharpness below 50%. Ive got mine on two clicks from the left (so about 20% I think).

DONT play PS3/Xbox 360 games much. Im banning them full stop until July at the earliest myself! Be careful with tv channels with still images or boxes (like Sky Sports News, News 24 etc). Try not to watch anything that deviates from full 16:9 (ie old 4:3 stuff or ultra-widescreen 2:35 stuff). If you do just make sure its just for one film then go back to 16:9 (full widescreen). The idea is you dont watch still images on screen for long and this includes borders that you get with 4:3 or 2:35 stuff.

Im keeping mine like this until July.

To be honest though - I never did any of this with my old Panasonic PX60 a couple of years ago and its still performing perfectly (at my Dads house).


I got my Pana 42X10 last week and have kept it to 75% contrast cinema since day 1. There isn't much need for run in anymore, as these tvs are quite resistant to Image retention, but heavy gamers take breaks after long sessions.:smashin:

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