Best method of fixing to plasterboard / stud wall??


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What's everyones view on the best type of fixings to use on a plasterboard stud wall.

Combined weight of plasma, bracket and speakers will be circa 48 kilos!



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no fixings directley in to plaster board will take 48 k.
you must get a fix in to the stud.

i would recommend you remove the plaster board and
make a frame using 3x2 timber the size of your bracket and
fix new plaster board. then fix the bracket to the wall 50mm
no 8 pozis should be adequate.


DONT SKIMP ON THIS!!! always over engineer . a good joist finder and find the studs
2.check with another tester that it is not a pipe or wire
3.when you think you have found the studs pilot drill a 1-2mm hole at every fixing spot and see if it really is wood your drilling into by looking at the waste the drill bit pulls out.
4.If the timber looks sound at ALL points and you can match up ALL the holes for the bracket fixings on your bracket to the studs you could use 8mm thick coach screws (loose from B&Q)with repair washers(these would first require a 3-4mm pilot hole).you would need a nut driver for a powerful electric screwdriver.

The above very rarely happens because the studs are often not where you want your plasma to be but you maybe lucky

if not

roofer is dead right.
dont put in some fittings on plaster board ,pull at them and think oh it will be ok.

if you fill the timber frame he suggests with thick ply it helps the strength and on some brackets allows more fixing screws

if in doubt get an installer in.


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Thanks for the advice.

Decided I'm going to go down the "better safe than sorry" route and cut out a section of plasterboard and attach some additional framing between the studwork.

I'll take this opportunity to install the mains spur, and the media box cable and route these through some back boxes recessed to the correct depth - in the centre of the bracket.

I'll then re-install plasterboard and get it skimmed - as long as I keep the exact dimensions of the bracket postition I'll then be able to afix the bracket back plate to the new framework. I've done something similar for a big Italian vertical radiator thingy in the past and that weighed 100 kilos! so should be OK.


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