Best match for vintage receiver?


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I currently have a Teac A-H500 amplifier from the late 90's ( looks pretty vintage with its all aluminium faceplate and knobs ), paired with Q Acoustics 3050 floorstanders.

I have recently purchased a vintage Pioneer SX-850 reciever from the late 70's with the walnut veneer, aluminium and glass face. Loving the look in our living room and am now contemplating the new Wharfedale Linton heritage speakers & matching stands to pair with both amplifiers.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Lintons in comparison to the QA 3050? To me the Q Acoustics sound really good with both amplifiers, but i can't help but feel i am hearing resonance from them at times, like a drone at certain frequencies. I am wondering if the 3 way design of the lintons will seperate the bass from the mids much better and will give a cleaner sound.

Speakers are in a large room, 2.8m apart, 0.7m off the front wall and over 1m from side walls.
Listening position is 3.4m from Tv which sits between the speakers, currently slight toe in.

Any input would be much appretiated


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I have no experience of the Lintons Im afraid but if you like the 3050s then you'll like the concept 40s even better. They double cabinets and better components make them a better speaker all round. They look great in the flesh with the luxurious piano gloss finish.


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What about trying out some "real vintage" speakers? You can pick up, for example, Leak 2030 or 2060 with postage cheap on evil bay. You can try them out and sell them if you don't want them at that price.


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Really appretiate the recommendations guys, been looking into both.

Would you say the concept 40 is a real upgrade or is it more of a side step? Still being 2 way and only having 125mm drivers.

The Leak 2060 look good but i wonder if their power handling would be any good for parties etc if they were powered with the pioneer. Also i can't see any in really good condition. Would the sound quality/performance be as good as newer modern day speakers?

Can anyone with experience on the Linton Heritage chime in?



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The concept series are higher than the budget 3000!3000i range.

Better build and sound quality. The cabinets are double cabinets with the same gel core technology as found in the concept 500s. The crossovers are better and the drivers are bespoke to the concept 40s, with improved more powerful drive system, bigger magnets.

Think of the concept 40s as baby concept 500s. They were £1k speakers when launched and at that price won multiple awards. In today's money they should be equivalent to £1250+

The build quality is similar to the Monitor Audio Gold 200. IMO, Nothing comes close for under £700. Is there another floorstanders available in gloss finish with better build and sound quality for less money?

Very good mid range speakers for similar or less money than other budget entry level speakers.

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