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Best Manufacturers of Home Audio Equipment


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So when looking to buy home audio there are obviously some manufacturers that get it better than others and Im just wondering which ones can you not really go far wrong with.

Obviously prices vary but just looking for the better makes really, I know there are Monitor Audio and B&W. But who else make good sounding speakers.

Ive heard Tannoy mentioned a few times, are they good?



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There are many including Kef, Acoustic Energy, Mordaunt Short, Dali, PMC.

I would suggest getting down to a good AV dealer and listen.

In my personal case I love the B&W sound but not a great fan of Kef.


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Rega make excellent speakers - definitely worth a listen


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Meridian make a pretty decent set of speakers. The mean spirited might suggest that the rest of their hifi/av range is mostly there to enable you to use their speaks. Their DSP8000's in particular are very good.

Coming back to earth, I think focal don't get enough press in the UK. The focal room is usually a highlight for me at the Manchester hifi show.

A vote for Dali here....I've gone quickly from Ikon series to Helicon series.....then there is the Epicon to come....where is me credit cards....I've a lot of heat coming from my back pocket !!!!


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The problem is, you are asking an unaskable question, because you are not asking a complete question.

The question should be, 'what is the best equipment within a given budget, and for my circumstance, taste, priorities, and preferences'?

And the answer is, pretty much everything within a budget that conforms to requirements is good within those limits.

Keep in mind that stereo magazines think that £3000 speakers and amps are entry level. Yes, entry level for them, but premium level for us mere mortals. It is all relative.

Then what is best is hugely tempered by personal preference. The same amps and speakers that are loved by some, are equally hated by others. And who is wrong? Well ... really no one, you like what you like and you don't what you don't. That's not reality to the world, but that is certainly reality to you.

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Would agree with above....I once heard a pair of Focal speakers that cost 9k and by no means the most expensive in the line up. Was with a mate who loves his hi if and we just looked at each other and wondered when it was going to start sounding good......and they were being driven by some superb electronics....sim audio moon reference !

The next person in may have found them to be worth every penny of the £9k.....

Some kit sound reserved, some throw it right out at you....so you need to find what you like...and don't go by price...some budget kit can sound great....hi end kit brings additional stresses....like friends kids spilling apple juice on your amp !


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As previously mentioned it comes down to your budget and your personal preference! You need to go and have a listen to as many as you can and go for what sounds the best to you. I find Mordaunt Short to be good quality sound for the money but haven't a great deal to compare to.


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As mentioned, that many good speakers to purchase + everyone has different taste.
A key factor is, for music or Home Cinema

Kef's Reference range are great, very detailed & Some of the Jamo range


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NEAT loudspeakers? Made up north, even make their own drivers.
I love my linn ninkas, but it wasn't until I took them active did they start to really get my foot tapping. Tight, tuneful and detailed and not overbearing.
However, speaker placement is crucial. Linn's 'tunedem' method really pays dividends in getting the best out of your boxes. :)

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