Question Best Man Cave Choice? LG Nano86 (2020) vs SM9000 (2019)


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Hey folks,

So I'm in the market for a TV to wall mount in my man cave, which already has a triple monitor gaming PC setup... I'll be shrinking (in a sense) down to dual monitors though when I get another 1440p monitor later in the year, so I can bin off my two old 1080p screens... Which will free up some space along the wall the TV will be on, above my PC monitors.

Ideally wanted something 42" region, but seems 49" is my minimum with the models/features I'd like. I've had my eye on the new 2020 LG model 49NANO866NA which is £1049 and looks to be released 1st May, mainly as I intend to buy a PS5 later in the year, also might try some PC gaming on it, but not too fussed about that. It will also be used to watch films and maybe stream some Plex content to it as well. I also peaked at the Nano90 due to the full array backlight, but that's another £250 and the screen size jumps to 55" which is too big for a barely 3x3m room.

Now I was almost set on the new 2020 screen, until I come across the 49SM9000PLA for £699 - which has full array backlight (but seen reviews complaining about haloing) and 4x HDMI 2.1 ports, which means support for eARC, VRR, ALLM etc. The only downside is the 2nd gen processor, not sure how much of a difference this would make to the gen 3 processor on the 2020 model? Also no HDR10+ although not sure if there's much content about that would use this?

Now am I wrong thinking the 2019 model would be a better choice and value for money (£350 cheaper) - or is the 2020 model really better in terms of the other features and newer processor it brings? Is full array really worth it, or sticking to a newer edge lit panel instead? Or is there any other TV you'd recommend for my use case?

TL;DR - best panel for next-gen console (PS5) gaming and films mainly? I think HDMI 2.1 is a must, crisp image quality, a fluid OS, good app store (catch up, Amazon, Plex)...

Much appreciated :)
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Even at 49" your options are currently limited. In your situation and budget I'd consider waiting for the LG 48" OLEDs to be released and come down in price. Release pricing is 1500 but hopefully by black friday they should be more reasonable in price..although the pandemic might delay that somewhat.

I'd sincerely recommend staying clear of LGs LCD TV if you are planning on using HDR. They don't have good hardware inside the TV to reproduce HDR without adverse effects. Even the LG SM9000 that has true HDMI 2.1 ports will not function with 120hz VRR with HDR due to limitations with the chipset. The newer models (being LGs) will also be using IPS panels which will still carry the same drawbacks that make their LCD TVs unsuitable for HDR.

If you want to buy now I'd focus on the Sony 49XG9005 and forget about HDMI 2.1 support completely. There's no point having ports that are HDMI 2.1 if the TV that receives the signal hasn't got very good picture quality. Of course this TV has no fluid OS, but having problem free HDR is far more integral than anything else.


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@Dodgexander thanks for the response, HDR isn't an absolute necessity for me, more it would be a nicety than anything.

I'm not in a rush to buy right now really, I'm happy to wait a few months for something better on the 2020 models if it helps.

Speaking of which, I've just been recommended the LG 48CX OLED which look to be landing next month (May)? That looks like it'll be in the £1400 region, but seems if I could justify the extra cost well worth it...

I saw these 2 videos which may have swayed me. The consensus seems to be the holy grail for gaming and next gen consoles. Thoughts? :D



Well that is the TV I suggested you go for since it ticks all the boxes. Problem is its going to be expensive on launch so I'd personally avoid paying the newly released premium.

The LG C9 at 55" can be picked up currently for less, and is really just as good as the new models. Both bigger and cheaper.

Given sub 55" isn't a very popular choice like it used to be there's very little in the way of competition from other manufacturers so prices on 50" models are never going to be as great as 55" and over, but 1400 is very steep for a 48" TV.

My advice would be to wait to buy when the price comes closer to the 1000 mark, I'd be tempted to even not buy at all until it drops below that mark, but you may have to wait longer than Black Friday for that.

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