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Best location for unmanaged switch and patch panel/wall modules


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Hi all,

Driving myself slightly insane with the possibilities over network equipment location. In terms of cable running none is signficantly better/worse than the other so I'm looking for advice on what others would do in my situation, the options are:

  • Pros - out of the way, easy to run cables up there
  • Cons - temperature variance, no power for switch
Integrated Garage
  • Pros - easily accessible, would fit nicely as electrics, alarm etc already terminate here
  • Cons - not insulated so temperature variance (esp. when the door is up)
Study airing cupboard (upstairs bedroom)
  • Pros - insulated, north facing so relatively cool, accessible
  • Cons - worried about heat buildup in the confined space as there is currently no ventilation and my server will be in there.
Would the addition of a small 9U cabinet help with the elements if I went for either the garage or the loft? Also do I need external CAT6 if I'm running in the loft/garage? If it makes it easier to visualize I can upload some pictures.

Thanks in advance


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I've attached a couple of images of the study location, any advice gratefully received!

The back and left wall goes straight unto our ensuite, right out into the upstair hallway so not much scope for ventilation.


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Cabling and switch will be fine in loft or garage (currently where I have mine, in the loft, and have done so for 7+ years). I wouldn't put a server or NAS in either though.


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Stick a data cabinet in the garage. Termate connections via patch panel and store switches etc in the cabinet also. If the cable has to go outside, use external grade, if not, then stick to internal grade.

Temperature in garage isn't a factor if using a cabinet. Heat generated from switches help to keep moisture out thats if you have such problems.

I have a data cabinet in an outside building which is open front with no door. I have have a computer system in it for sensor and motor control and a switch. No issues 4 years on.

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