best LCD projector's for circa £1000-1500


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Just test drove the H20 last night and it seems that i am susceptible to the rainbow effect. Was seeing it even on slow parts of master and commander. SO I will need to move my shopping investigation to LCD machines. I quite like the sound of the panny 3000 as i have had two panny plasmas and am very happy with them but it might be out of my price bracket just now.

And ideas?

Also a quite question do LCD projectors suffer from the ready break vapour trails that LCD tv's have when watching fast motion?



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If you get the panny 3000 that effect is lessened as it can be set to add 3 extra frames a second for fast action such as football or action movies:

Panasonic PT-AE3000 LCD Projector review at

Check this review out on here! I did see a video somewhere of a guy explaining how the interlacing worked but can't find it now?

The only trouble is it cost a bit more than your budget but there might be a 2nd user one out there for that price now the 4000 is coming out??


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cheers, My budget would be higher but for Mrs Timtastic's over spend on unnecessary stuff like shoes :D

would the JVC D-ILA projectors be better for motion blur than a pure LCD?
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