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Firstly, howdi folks... i've read this place for a while, but never contributed before.

I have been using a slightly bonkers home cinema setup for a while... through a TV Card in a PC! I have now acquired a laptop, so i can free up a lot of space by moving the chunky 21" CRT Monitor, this is also a good time to get a better display...

My system runs in my bedroom, so space is a premium, hence the LCD route.... again, i hvae pretty much decided that budget and space constraints limit me to a 17" maximum... 15" if its better.

System consists of:

Naim Nait 3R Amplifier
Yamaha DSP-E800 AV Processor
Toshiba SD-510E DVD Player
Dynaudio Audience 42, 42C and Mission M5DS with REL Quake
XBox :devil:
Sony S760u Sky Box - w/Digital OUtput
Chord Interconnects, Video Cables all round and Naim Speaker Cable

Currently everything runs through the video and audio switching on the Yamaha and is connected to the TV card via S-Video (i was limited in what i could do... so this was the best option) I did buy the best video cables possible!

I have looked at the options, read the reviews etc, but I don't really care about audio quality so much as everything is routed through the Yamaha amp... though for late night low level listening i guess it may be handy.

List of things i've considered, dismissed, opinions etc...

I'm not a great fan of the Sony models
I Love the Philips 17PF9945
Samsung LW17N13W - I really like the looks, it can be used as a PC monitor, but apparantly the reviews say its a bit soft (i have noticed this, but i quite liked the picture)
The Relisys one, i am not sure, its cheap, which is good given how quick the technology is changing, but i have no idea why i am skeptical
Someone recommended a Bush 17" model from Argos, looks ugly... does it perform
The Currys Grundig one, i was quite impressed with I have to say - seemed better than the LG one they had in and was quite good IMO.

As i'm sure is usual, i went the best available, for the least amount of cash :)

I am prepared to spend the £650 on the Philips, if its the best, however, if i'll get the others if they are almost as good, but £200 less!!!!

Cheers in advance folks.

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