Best LCD For Decent PC Resolution as well as Freeview?


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Hi There,

I need an LCD TV with inbuilt freeview that can also support decent reolutions from a widescreen laptop.

I have tried a Philips 26PF5520D but it only seems to support 800*600 or 1024*768.

I want to run at a resolution that entirely, or almost entirely fills the screen on the TV.

Either 26" or preferably 32" I guess.





I'm in the same situation as you. Looking for a decent 32'' lcd set for freeview and laptop out (vga/dsub).
my laptop has a resolution of 1280x800, so I need the TV to accept this resolution and to display text as clear as on the laptop (for web surfing).
I ruled out the Sharp P series (very good for analogue feeds though) because of its low resolution.
the Samsung seem to be a quite cheap option, but I haven't seen this set displaying freeview feed yet, so I can't really make up my mind.
Basically I'm looking for a sub 1000£ 32'' lcd with:
- D-sub (VGA) input
- a minimum res. of 1280x720 (for hd content, ie divx)
- ability to read text clearly from laptop with 1280x800 resolution
- medium to good analogue TV rendition.

I think that's it.

Any ideas guys?


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id say sharp ga6 series or the sumsung ones both had useres of each screen saying they are brilliant via VGA connection.

im looking for an lcd tv for use with pc as well but ive got a gfx card with dual vga. which is a prob as hardly any lcd tv do 1:1 pixel map via dvi/hdmi


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The Samsung range are quite good and reasonablly priced! The Freeview ones are the ones with BD at the end of the model number :)


Hi guys,

If you want widescreen pc input to the Philips 26PF5520D lcd, then you need to tell your computer the EXACT settings the tv needs. for the philipa its native w/s res is 1380x768p (i think).

I bought PowerStrip - a utility on the web that allows extreme detail to be set in video drivers. - you can get the free download to see if it works for you - do a google search for it. its not very user friendly, but it WORKS.

i've set the resolution to 1380x768p pushed it initially to the tv via the monitor port on the laptop to the DVI input on the TV, but then i tried it via svideo lead.... the vga-dvi was best.

It comes up with a squashed image centered on the tv, then a quick flick of the tv to 'widescreen' makes 1380x768 fit.

you will need to put audio input th ethe ports on the side of the TV from your audio output of the laptop AND then select the sound option to come from the right place - trial and error!!!

played DVD from the laptop (gangs of new york) and it was AWESOME picture!!!!!! Sound not as good though, as it went from the crapy laptop sound chip via the audio inputs - I might try SP/Dif at some stage, if i can figure out the right way to do it.

played partypoker online, and it was pretty good.

hope that helps


My Philips 26PF5520D lcd has been a bit odd lately

first, sound dropped out for about 0.5 seconds on an irregular but frequent basis

last month, tuning to channel 14 (e4) reulted in a crash of the tv(!) reverting to the last watched channel - though this has ceased to happen now.

I get a slight green cast to the right of the screen in some situations.

LOST - very poor colours (pixelation in dark, plus a green tinge to some colours such as the black actors skin tones and the junkies beard!!)

also, horizontal 'noise' in hte black screen as some programs fade to the adverts...

some programs seen to have very crap image quality, but others are pixel perfect.

scart input on one of the inputs has a definate green/ red cast to the left / right of white or pale objects. the other is perfect.

Guess what.... Its going back to the supplier this week.

Anyone else experienced ANY of the symptoms above for any lcd?? Especially interested to know is LOST is filmed at such a poor quality and everyone gets a crap picture on an lcd????

any thoughts??????


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