best LCD for around £2k?


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Hi all

I am looking at possibly getting the KRP-500a but its a bit more than i wanted to spend, I geuss the thing I need to know is, is plasma a better quality picture than LCD, and I mean mid range plasma/LCD - ie, a 2k plasma versus a 2k LCD?

and any suggestions for LCD's?

cheers chaps


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yea thought that mate, as i said I am looking at pioneer, pref the krp 500a but need a cheaper one really!

thanks for reply


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go for a plasma m8 as that amount you are willing to spend you mite want to look at the pioner plasmas

I would disagree.. not a fan of plasmas. if you can afford the LCD go for that.

What size screen are you looking for?

Samsung offer some nice screens, perhaps the 52" 6 Series
52" FHD Ready LCD TV LE52A656 - LCD TV - television | SAMSUNG

This would cost you in the 2K figure. of course there is the 8 and 9 series to also consider, which is dependant on the features you require.


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yea the HD/SD split is around 50:50 so good SD is a must - I did look at the series 7 55 inch sammy's but for not much more money I can get the Pioneer KRP - decisions decisions!!

there is always the sonys but my mate has a 48 inch LCD sony and has reported pretty bad clouding? I have at the moment a 32 inch bravia but with very little clouding - everyone I have spoken to has said "buy Kuro" tough choice when your talking £2k.

I will be streaming HD content from a media setup, I have the V+ box and a PS3 - am buying the harmony 1100 also and am looking for cinema seating!!

I am buying it all before I move in with the missus! haha
sounds like your in the same probelm as me m8 the tv you want is to much and i cant get a job to get anymore money to get a pioner


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I can get the pioneer but means I have to compromise elsewhere, is it worth the compromise?? the compromise would be cheaper cinema seating....

there are cheaper pioneers out there though i suppose...

I just love the seperate media box and slimness of the KRP
im only 16 so i dont have much experince but when ever i have bought some things like tvs i have always regreated comprsing and would sit there knowing that would i be more happier if i had got that one


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yep same ere mate,

thanks for response


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during the course of this conversation my budget has increased as my seating is being paid for!!


so now I have a £3k budget for TV and an extra 700-800 towards home automation!

awesome, now I need advice on set up etc for automation :)


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if its out of your budget then look at some of the pannys what will you be using it for jw
The brand new Panasonic V10 sounds good. I agree plasmas are much better for SD stuff, i have the lower end:blush: X10 and it does very well at removing all that noise from freeview.

There is a review of the V10 which is about £1450 on AVforums:smashin::thumbsup:

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