Best largest screen for the WII



I have just got a Wii, and after nearly damaging the lounge have decided it might be safer to relocate it to the summer house / bar,

I am thinking of a projector as this can be stored away when not required.

Also if there are any real cheap plasma / LCD displays that are OK for the Wii.

As it is mainly going be used for the Wii, maybe watching some DVDs i wanted to keep it as cheap as possible - no HD required

Just wondering the best route to go - have seen some projectors on ebay for £280 but worried they might not be that good as deal as they seem.

I may also use it outside on the odd BBQ time.

Any help much appreciated


The Wii control system doesn't like bright direct sunlight so outside for BBQ could be a problem fyi.

You can get a Samsung LCD 26" with freeview for £399 from amazon. Its a good screen for the money, fast responce times and takes component which the wii can do.

I suspect you want something cheaper though


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Projectors can be a nice cheap big screen option, although the running costs are pretty high when you consider the lamp replacement costs(usually £200+ per lamp).

You can't beat playing on the PJ though IMO, even games like Wii Sports are so much better on an 80"+ screen.

A pic I took last week after finally figuring out how to take low light photos, notice the likeness of the Mii and the player;)

I use an ageing Sany Z1 projector which can be picked up pretty cheap these days, payed £150 for mine off these very forums(lamp was blown), photo doesn't do the picture justice.



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If you're looking for something for your wii and dvd's then a HD projector or screen isn't needed.

I also had a Z1 until recently. (I didnt sell it to Tetlee :) ) I found it an incredible experience for gaming...although I work on computers all day every sitting in the near dark to watch a film or play a game just gave me headaches. So I've bought a plasma.

For your money my recommendation would be to get a 2nd hand projector from these forums rather than buy on ebay....if you don't have the same eye prob I have :D You may also get a screen thrown in (which makes a huge difference to the PQ).

If you want to use it outside for BBQ's I wouldn't recommend carting a plasma around...far too fragile for that (and plasma weakness is reflections on the screen). Projector is ideal for moving around but you need to use it in near dark light just wont see the picture in bright daylight.

LCD for your money will be small and not much of a party experience..probably the best for bright conditions but will the wii work as NX3 said.

My bulbs roughly lasted about 2 years of good use. avg about 6 hrs a week.

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