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Hi, looking to buy a laptop for a relative. Primarily for Internet, Word, Excel so no need for massive spec. The one thing they have requested is a 'decent keyboard' as they touch type.
I guess a decent sized laptop rather than a netbook.

Any advice appreciated.


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Not all keyboards "feel" the same to touch typists. If poss take them to PC World to try some out.


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Have a look at some of the laptop reviews on Trusted Reviews - I noticed they particularly like the keyboard on the 17R (which is the same as the 15R) - quote "the 17R has an outstanding keyboard - in all likelihood the best in its class"

Dell Inspiron 17R review - Usability, Display and Speakers - Laptop reviews - TrustedReviews

Ultimately the feel of a keyboard is quite a personal thing so hands on experience in a store is probably a good idea.

- Simon.

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I get to use various makes of laptops at work. I really like the Dell ones (I bought a Dell 15R today for my dad). HP are fine too. The worst IMHO are Toshiba as they tend to flex in the centre & feel a bit cheap. Pity really as they're otherwise alright.


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The Lenovo Thinkpads tend to get decent reviews for the keyboards on their low end machines (and excellent reviews for those on the high end machines).

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