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Apologies if this has been covered to death.
I am looking to buy a new laptop and only want to spend around £400.
I generally use the laptop for standard web browsing, document use ie microsoft office, itunes, downloading music and creating dvds using Nero.
Dont do a lot of gaming or movie/tv streaming but still want something fast, everyone gets annoyed with a slow laptop!

Was looking at this Asus
X550CA-XX957H | ASUS X550CA Core i5 6GB 1TB 15.6 inch Windows 8 Laptop - Laptops Direct

or this Lenovo
59406141 | Lenovo G510 4th Gen Core i5 4GB 1TB Windows 8.1 Laptop in Black - Laptops Direct

There are plenty of i3 6gb 1tb laptops out there for 300-400 but is i5 worth some extra money?
Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance



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Would you consider a laptop from somewhere like Dell's factory outlet? If you would then you should be able to get a laptop that suits your needs for under £400.

I've bought one from the outlet before and it apparently had a screen defect. It did, but it was away in the corner (single broken pixel) and unnoticeable during normal use.

This is currently on there website for about £370.

Dell Factory Outlet: Error

Inspiron 15R - 5537

i5 4200 (I'd recommend an i5 processor over the i3 ones)
8 GB of memory
6 Cell battery
Windows 8.1

and I believe it can output 1080p even if the screen is below that resolution. Might have a touch screen too.

I'm on there everyday as I'm currently searching for a similar laptop but with a dedicated graphics card for under £400.


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is i5 worth some extra money?

None of the things you've listed are heavy on processing power, so I'd say definitely not. On your restricted budget your priorities should be elsewhere. If you do decide you need performance then any processor models with a U suffix are low power ones, so an i5-4200U is slower than an i3-4100M (but uses less power, meaning a cheaper, lighter or thinner battery).

For responsiveness I'd put your first priority as an SSD, especially if you're storing your music on the network and don't need a large hard drive as well. Other than that, I'd make sure the speakers are up to scratch if it's a music machine.

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