Best / known working soundbar for PS5 + LG 55G1?


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First post so please be gentle :0)
I’ve recently bought a PS5 and have just ordered an LG 55G1 TV to go with it. I’m looking for a soundbar and, based on reviews of sound bars, was going to buy a Sonos Arc. However Geldwolfje90 has lip sync issues with that set up so I’m now looking for recommendations of an alternative soundbar.
Does anyone else have a PS5 and LG G1 (any size) and a soundbar?
If so then
  • what soundbar do you have?
  • do you have any issues with it?
  • would you recommend it??

Are there known issues with the G1 and I’m likely to encounter this lip sync issue with other soundbars too? Or is this just a one off and other people with the G1 and Sonos Arc don‘t have the issue?

Really grateful for any responses, TV is being delivered next week so keen to get soundbar ASAP!




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I can add a bit to this, was going for a Sonos Arc, had a demo that really didn't blow me away to be honest.
Then a mate of mine said it doesn’t support DTS, that was a deal breaker for me as we enjoy 4k Blurays and some of them are mainly DTS tracks..
Just my 2 pence :)


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Thanks @Spoonman2. What did you go for in the end and are you happy with it? Any issues or regrets?

I think we are going to stay with separates, already have them and IMO sound better than any sound bar.
Shame, as the Arc looks very nice.

Have you tried the LG soundbar that goes with the G1/GCIt’s very flush to the wall and looks really nice in John Lewis



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i use an sl8yg with the spk8-s wireless rears and tbf it sounds great. obviously not an audiophile powerhouse but a good little setup for ease of use. And supports dts and atmos (the atmos experience is pretty pants) but the audio quality is quite nice tbh. if you're local to dudley feel free to holler and you can come have a demo.


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Got the Arc, Sub and surrounds... Excellent and works perfectly with the PS5 as well as the rest of the Sonos stuff in the house. As some have mentioned, DTS support is a bit of a pain, but less so than I imagined it to be... Just taken a bit more care with the files I "gather".

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