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I’m a small company looking for a keylogger for employee’s at work.

I would just block sites but I’ve had an instance recently where an employee has made “inappropriate comments” via e-mail to a client who fortunately was very understanding when we took appropriate action and decided not to pursue it any further.

Before anybody jumps on the ethical / moral high ground, their employment contract already states that any form of internet usage / digital communication will be monitored … BUT … I’d also go a step further and prior to installing it on their systems would ask them to sign a separate form of consent acknowledging that monitoring software was being installed.

My aim is to use it as an absolute deterrent rather than anything else and it means I don’t have to waste time monitoring what they may be doing.

I thought I’d test it at home to see which was the easiest to install and set up using a PC and a laptop and have looked at

Refog …

All In One Keylogger … All In One Keylogger - Best Free trial Keylogger Software for Windows

Best Free keylogger Free Download Best Free Keylogger - 2021

And whilst they offer a free trial I’d go for the paid version longer term if I’m happy it does what it does what I need.

All of them so far, either Chrome blocks it as Malware or if you download it which seems easier to do via other browsers, when you get to the install stage antivirus blocks it.

I appreciate you can switch off antivirus for this step and then white list the app on the client machines but made me seriously think about whether the software is actually safe on any machine?

Whilst I appreciate most can be set not to record passwords etc. but if I can set what reports it forwards to me, there’s no guarantee that the software company isn’t have all the content sent to them including passwords which did raise a concern … or am I being paranoid and they’d cease to exist / lose their living so wouldn’t risk it.

Interested in anybody’s input and or other suggestions for alternatives.


Is a key logger the thing to use at corporate level? I work in government here in Australia and we have to acknowledge our activity is recorded. That doesn’t mean a key logger though which is a little “spyware” IMHO (and according to software manufacturers it seems from your reports.)

Every website we visit is logged and many are blocked. Every e-mail is of course held on Exchange servers. how long we spend on each application is logged and we have acknowledged we can be remotely accessed “live” if there is a reason for that to happen. Normal remote access is only with the user providing permission.

None of it is quite key logging though and as an employee I would look at that differently to my activities being monitored.

mare you currently monitoring activities with alerts (on browsers) for example? Or are you manually going in remotely and monitoring? Why next level with a key logger? Have you looked at the available activity monitoring and logging solutions for corporate networks?


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You're talking about multiple employees in a small business? It sounds like the issue may be unhappy employees venting their frustration, rather than a specific troublemaker.

In that situation I'd suspect monitoring software is only going to exacerbate the issue - make them feel they have even less reason to care about the company.


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I have always thought of keylogging as something associated with dubious activities and so I would be very cautious about trying to use one for something in business, in case installing it from some less than reputable source resulted in a cyberbreach of some kind.


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I'd double check with a lawyer, you may well ask your employees to sign a form and/or prohibit them from using their work browser for anything other than work. But if an employee needed to logon to their bank account or gmail in an emergency you'll be capturing their login details and passwords (you can't guarantee some random key-logging software won't do that).

If that data was then lost / misused you'd probably find yourself in a tricky situation re. being a irresponsible employer, not to mention GDPR.

You'll also be opening yourself up to security risks and possible fines if the key-logger is capturing passwords, login details and/or personal information used for legitimate work reasons.

As you point out yourself, you're not even 100% sure if the key-logging/spyware software (downloaded from some random site on the web) isn't doing something dodgy itself.

You have (I assume) full access to their web history, work emails and team chats already, do you really need to go any further?

I don't know the details of your exact situation, but technology doesn't seem like the correct solution, it's a personnel issue. You need to talk to your employees, not spy on them.

As others have said you risk creating a toxic workplace and all the issues that go with that.

Work on fostering a great work environment, empower your staff, give them some autonomy, talk to the employee in question about what the client has relayed back to you and see how they respond. Start a formal misconduct process with them if you feel it has already gone too far and you're looking to possibly let them go. But don't create a toxic workplace or you may end up regretting it.
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I work in schools and in the past (15 years ago) we used Home - Securus

These days some schools use Impero

This sort of approach would be better than using a keylogger


This sort of approach would be better than using a keylogger
Yep - as I said employers can use mo it print software and log websites visited etc. keyloggers are spying and as pointed out will get you personal passwords etc (or the software maker will get them). I would never install a key logger on a personal computer and I’m quite sure if my employer used one the would be in a bit of legal strife. As above my employer does monitor what I do on their laptop but no way they go as far as key loggers.

Thank goodness your software is blocking the keyloggers you have already tried.


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I’m a small company looking for a keylogger for employee’s at work.

Try this

Although I think you should have taken disciplinary action further as a deterrent to prevent future inappropriate behaviour.


The website name says it all to me…..

The OP wants to log key strokes of employees. Even if that was a good idea, that device isn’t fit for purpose.

there is a legal use mentions I notice - check child activity. Who would use that device to look at that level of child activity?

keyloggers do not monitor activity

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