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Best Interconnect Leads

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Bryce Curdy, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Bryce Curdy

    Bryce Curdy

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    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    I have an unmodded UK Xbox, Pioneer AX5 amp and Pioneer 504 HDE plasma. I've thought carefully about all the HD possibilities, but primarily bought the Xbox to play Xbox Live with my mates.

    What's the best way of connecting the Xbox to my other equipment?

    I'm using all the other inputs on the TV plasma receiver, so my preferred option was SVideo and digital audio. The only readily available lead I could find was a Joytech on Amazon's UK site at £11. It got good user reviews, but I wondered if the quality of my screen might show up any failings, and I had budgeted upto 3 times this cost. Am I right that the official Microsoft cable is not available in the UK, and would require an additional SVideo and digital audio cables? Where can you order it from? The US Xbox site? Is it any good? What about Monster cables which got a good mention somewhere on this site? Do they require other cables, where can I get them, are they worth it?

    My other option would be to connect via component, but this means messing around with menus everytime I want to switch between Xbox and DVD (connected via HDMI, but on the same input as component). I'm not keen on this, but if the improvement was significant would consider it. I could even use RGB Scart, but would have to switch the plugs each time I changed between Sky and Xbox.

    Very grateful for any help.

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