Question Best indoor FM aerial?


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Is this the right forum for a radio question?

In our previous house we had a seven element aerial in the attic, FM reception was 4/5.

Now we're in a Listed building with no attic worth speaking of, chimney/roof aerial not allowed.
I have an indoor FM aerial of the rabbit ear variety, fastened to the wall above the receiver. Reception is poor.
At best 3/5, more often 2/5 or even 1/5 on the meter. Usually, I listed in mono to cut the stereo decoder hiss.

Can anyone recommend an indoor aerial that works?


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I would use a piece of cable (e.g. speaker cable) to make a simple dipole to start off with, pinned horizontally to the wall. If you google dipole for FM radio it will tell your the correct length to cut for the UK FM wavelength. If that doesn't work Or is too unsightly) then I would call an aerial supplier and ask their advice - I called one when I got a coupe of antennas for my loft, and the guy was very knowledgeable. I'll try and find the name of the place for you later.


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There are two things to be considered an antenna and an amplifier. Of these getting the antenna is the most important as any antenna gain is noiseless and any amplifier gain generates hiss. Height is very important and just getting it above room level, even into a crummy attic is very helpful. Fortunately FM signals pass well through rock and cement ,so unless you have a steel roof , you shoukd be able to hide it . There is plenty of information around about making discret antennae. For an amplifier any of the TV or DAB radio amplifier l will do .


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The rabbit ear, which is directable and telescopic, had been folded up and put away during building work.
I looked up the optimum length, as you may know for a quarter wave it's 27.5" at one end of the FM band and 33.5" at the other.
So I set one ear to half of 33.5 and the other ear to half of 27.5.
Then fiddled with the direction of each ear.
Big improvement.

Yes, I really need to get something into the attic. I suspect that will go into the Things To Do list that never gets done.

But meanwhile, much better.


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Loop Antennas like this are reasonably cheap -

A variation like this might be better -

Certainly more compact an unobtrusive than Rabbit Ears.

Notice this one come is a variety of Ranges - 50 mile, 60 mile, 80 mile.

To some extent it will depend on the reception in your area. I live in the country, but there are local stations near by, and these small indoor antennas work fine. But in an area with terrible reception, you will likely need something bigger.

Searching Amazon-UK will bring up many options -



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The worst reception is on R3.
R4 also poor.
At the other end of the scale, Classic FM is pretty good, and Radio Gloucestershire. Which is odd, considering that when our receiver (Aiwa AX7600) was made in 1979, there were few if any FM transmissions at that end of the dial.

I'll look at those aerial options, thankyou.

I see that our nearest FM transmitter is Wenvoe, nr Cardiff, about 65 miles. Fortunately the rabbit ears are pointed that way.


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Radiorentals. FM radio is nearly line of sight, so if there is a big mountain in the way that loses the signal... Its not as acute as with TV , but is very significant. Those loop antennae are generally suitable to mw not vhf so a single dipole is practically as good.

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