Best/Ideal EDID configuration for watching movies on TV?


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I recently picked up an Avermedia Live Gamer 4k and HDFury Vertex2. My goal is to capture some movies and TV shows and put them on my Plex server for viewing on TV or mobile device. I got the equipment in yesterday and hooked it all up, latest drivers and software etc. RECentral can show and record the feed for Netflix, prime video, etc., But the recorded video comes out all messed up. I suspect this has to do with the EDID that's being sent by the HDFury, but I don't know a ton about all the video/audio configurations just yet.

My machine includes the following specs:
- i7-8700 (iGPU dedicated to other service)
- RTX 2060 KO (workhorse GPU & capture output device)
- 32GB Corsair Vengeance ddr4 (stock clocks are the moment)
- Samsung 970 Pro NVMe (boot drive)
- 3x 12TB WD Gold HDDs in raid 5 (media storage)
- many other SSDs & HDDs
- AOC 32" 4k SDR monitor (pushed by dgpu)
- Old AF Dell second monitor (pushed by igpu)

As you can see, it's not a lack of power that's my problem here.

I basically just did an initial setup and left most things stock in the HDFury web interface and RECentral settings. I tried 4k60 h264 & h265 with both stereo and 5.1 capture. In most cases the video starts out fine then freezes a few seconds in. I'm playing back in VLC by the way.

It's possible that i may have the wrong EDID set for playing back on my monitor. I understand the basic differences between HD vs. UHD, h264 vs. h265, HDR vs. SDR. What's most foreign to me is the color space settings - 8/10/12bit, 4:4:4 vs. 4:2:0, etc. And while I know the difference between stereo and multi-channel audio, I'm unfamiliar with the implications of using proprietary formats like dolby Vs. DTS.

I ultimately want to record video in SDR 1080p30 through SDR 4k60 (no HDR at all), and i want 5.1ch surround if available from the source. My 2060ko is more than up to the task of transcoding audio when 5.1 isn't available on the playback device.

What configuration should i be looking for here? Any idea why my test recordings were messed up?

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