Best idea for me?


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What would be best for me? I have around 500 films I have downloaded and I need someway to get them all on one device and get it through my TV.

I have a spare HMDI port and USB port so what would be best? I was thinking a Popcorn Hour, a HTPC or just a massive USB powered HDD? I'm not too skilled in this department so any help would be good.

Atm, I stream through my PS3 or 360 but don't like that or just bung them on a flashdrive.I want them all in one place that is easily updated like via USB to PC or something, needs to be on a budget though as I'm on minimum wage lol :p Any idea's would be great as you guys are best at this :)

I also own 200+ Blu-Ray and like 50 DVD's but I always download a film before I buy it but if it's good I always buy it :laugh:
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