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Dec 14, 2003
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Hi Guys,

I have my brand spanking new HS20 running at native resolution and 1:1 pm. The picture is absolutely georgeous. Don't know if it is the WOW factor but in my darkened room it kicks the ass of the Domino 20 that I saw at Sevenoaks(Newcastle).

Has anyone found another resolution that is giving better results than the 1368 *786 @ 56hz.

Just wondering whether running something at 50hz(I only own PAL disks) makes any improvement to PQ.

When I decided to have a go with the HTPC I said that I would not get into tinkering (seems that has gone out of the window) - why does it draw you in like it does.

Gonna try and do battle with DVE later today - that should be fun (not).

Chris, ive used Avia and noticed about a 5% increase on the HS20. I went through the video tests. Bit of a waste as far as im concerned. The hs20 is almost top notch outta the box
Cheers Vic,

I wont bother then. I do love it - just watched and watching the rugby on it now and it's great.

Have you found much difference in PQ with different resolutions. What res are you using Vic.


Sneaky, where did you get your HS20 from? I have just got one too. TAke a look at my thread posted today 16/2/04. Does your HS20 have poor top/bottom lines and a green column of pixels left most?
Graham (epgs1)
I got it from Robert Whyte.

Yes I do seem to have a column of pixels down the left. You have to be close to see and it doesnt really spoil my fun - havent noticed the bottom lines but I will check it now.

Anyone got powerstrip settings for 1280 * 720 @ 50hz.



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