Best HDMI Cable for Panasonic LED TV'S


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Hi people me again

what hdmi cable are people using with the Panasonic tv's 3D

The tv i have PANASONIC TX-L42ET5B is a great picture but it can be a bit dark in places.. just wondering chaning my hdmi cable would work...

anyway people give me links or tips :)


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If the video doesn't have any sparkles on it the cable is OK i.e. the transmitted information is arriving.
This sounds like the TV needs adjusted.


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Hi guys.. on the AV forums i found a website called perfect picture..... what as happend was my tv had the eco saving mode on.. which brihgten up the dull pictures... tomorrow i will have a good play but atlest i can sort it once and for all.... Thanks for your help :)


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Changing a HDMI cable cannot change the picture, thats impossible , it either works or it doesnt.

See here ,

Andy yes you are quite correct about the picture but there is still the issue about screening if the HDMI cable is routed near the RF aerial cables . But buying a costly cable is not the answer as even some low cost cables are good in this respect . Its almost buy one and see how it works LOL

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