Best HD LCD for mostly SD source?


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I'm thinking of buying an LCD (or maybe a plasma) to replace my 32in 100Hz W/S Sony CRT which will go to my bedroom.

1) Why replace the Sony? The screen's a bit small, the geometry is a bit off at the edges and above all it does nothing to remove 3:2 pulldown which makes many R1 discs unpleasant to watch. Apart from that I probably wouldn't replace it at all until it blows up. It's a great set.

2) What sources do I have? Most of what I watch is "Freesat" satellite via my Tivo and this is unlikely to change much for several years. For those who don't know, Tivo does introduce some mpeg artefacts though I have hacked mine to increase the resolution and bitrate. I also have an upscaling LG DVD player with component and HDMI outputs. And a Showcenter with 720p component HD outputs. And my PC has a DVI output that I would probably like to play with, so I would like the screen to handle PC ratios. All my sources also have RGB scart, and currently I use only this. I don't use RF signals at all.

So I'm mostly concerned with getting the best possible picture from my SD Tivo source, and secondly with having something that will also give the best possible picture from HD component and HDMI/DVI sources too. Either way, the screen MUST deal effectively with 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown and add little or no video noise on SD.

3) My budget is flexible. Anything up to £2000 or so.

4) I sit about 4m from the screen, so 37 - 40in is good, 42in is pushing it a bit unless the quality is really excellent. I sit square-on to the screen and would never move it.

5) Sound quality should also be good, though of course I use a Dolby digital system for anything with a Dolby soundtrack. I certainly don't want audible fans or buzzing power supplies.

6) I don't care what the surround looks like, apart from not wanting one of those s**t-ugly Samsungs with the V-shaped bottom.

7) Built-in Freeview would be nice, but not essential.

8) I'm tempted by a 1080 panel, hopefully to avoid too many up/downscaling defects. Good blacks would be nice.

What have I been thinking about?
Philips 37-9830. These seem to break down a lot.
Sony 40V2000
Toshiba WL66

I have also been thinking about various plasma models and I admit that I prefer the "look" of plasma screens. I do sometimes leave my TV on channels with logos though, and it is often on for 12 hours per day, and I would prefer the power consumption to be as low as possible. All of which make me lean towards LCD.

Any suggestions/comments gratefully received.

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