Best HD Dvd film scene


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Thought I'd start a thread up for the scenes people think look best on HD Dvd.

From my humble collection of four, I'd say the scene in Jarhead when they go through the burning oil wells at night is the most impressive I've seen so far in HD.


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in pure picture quality terms, I'd probably go for pretty much any of Kong - the T-rex fight being an obvious one to wow friends with

but for sound quality, it has to be Superman Returns - the Dolby TrueHD in the scene where he rescues the airplane is unbelievable :thumbsup:


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Was going to post the same regarding King Kong after watching it last night (my first full HD-DVD movie!).



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I would go with Eagles - Farewell Tour on HD-DVD. Reference picture and sound. Simply the best concert I own on disc. Any scene will do!


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Just got Miami Vice on HD-DVD and on the unrated version it has a boat racing scene at the beginning. It is simply stunning. Also chapter 4 (I think) has a scene were they are driving a Ferrari in the daytime. Really impressive! Even the night time stuff is really good.


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I must have watched the T-Rex fight from KK about 5 times since i got the player.Its the only film i own but i think its an amazing scene.:thumbsup:

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