Best graphics card for a 300W PSU?


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Is the PSU any particular brand? Some models are more likely to be able to output true 300w than others. Does it have a PCI express connector on it? And what is the stated +12v output on the PSU case?

What do you use the PC for? Is it for movies or gaming? What size case? Do you have a spare PCIE x16 slot on your motherboard? Full height, low profile and what length? Sorry for so many questions, just helps narrow things down.


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blackanchorage said:
Don't know what you've got already, but there are some mid-range ATI cards with low power requirements. I have a Dell 300W power supply, and it looks like it would handle a HD 5670 card. But as rorackowe says, it depends on the PSU quality.

power calculator: eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
benchmark: PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmark Charts - Video Card Model List
power requirements: The Truth About Graphics Power Requirements V2 - Atomic 3.0


Already got the 5670 and it works very well :)

Thanks anyway mate.

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